Body Lift

Loose Skin?

When you lose a lot of weight, you can be left with loose skin.  One solution to this is to have body lift surgery.  The skin can hang and make people very self-conscious.  In fact, it can totally detract from the massive achievement of losing the weight you intended.

Loose skin can look very unappealing when trying to lose weight the person will have dreamt of the beautiful clothes they can buy and confidently wear, but what happens when you are left with all this loose skin.  When you think about it, it totally makes sense as there is nowhere for the skin to go and as you grow older, the skin loses elasticity.

Your skin after the age of about (approx.) 30 doesn’t quite have the same texture and collagen in the layers of skin.  It loses elasticity and you need to give yourself a wee helping hand to adjust to your new body shape.  This could be the back area, arms known as bingo wings and of course the stomach area.  Some patients have pockets of fat that sit over their pant line.  This is not an attractive look, especially when you start a new physical relationship.

Make contact with the practice via the link on home page, ask them for an appointment to go in and meet with them.  You don’t know (you are not the expert) re whether you need a full Abdominoplasty, Mini-Abdominoplasty or Body Lift.  Whatever they feel is right for you, is what they will advise.  They want to work with people who know the pro’s and con’s and realistic in expectations.  You need to be logical and look to get rid of the loose skin.  You will thank yourself for speaking to a professional.

As mentioned before, you may have trapped fatty tissue that’s been there from teenage years.  Mot of us learn to live with it, but why should we!