Mini Abdominoplasty


It may be that you only need a Mini Abdominoplasty if that’s the case – great!  Your skin will be pulled and excess tissue and fat removed.  The belly button sometimes has to be created as they need to remove it, based on position.

If you have had a surgical procedure when you were young, you mght be left with scarring or a pocket of fat that hangs over your jeans and makes you feel uncomfortable.  This can have an impact on every item of clothing you wear  You may even need to get an extra dress size up.

The partial or mini abdominoplasty is not as invasive, an incision is made and the fat removed via traditional methods.  It is really important to have realistic expectations so you don’t wake after surgery and expect to see the perfect body.  For example, bruising needs to go down, your body needs to adjust and you need to rest.  So, don’t go to the mirror and expect to see perfection.

You will be a day patient at a surgical establishment, you should pack loose wearing clothes so you are not pulling on the skin after the treatment.  You will need to take our time.  We have patients who recommend us to others, based on the care they have received with us/

You should already be in a exercise routine, but it’s important to enjoy the experience and seeing the results afterward.  The surgical treatment is extensive and you need to expect bruising and tenderness.  The results are noticeable and your friends / fcamily/ colleagues will notice.

The mini-abdominoplasty can give you a new lease of life – what are you waiting for?

 Ask to see our nationwide clinics, we are specialists’ in this treatment and we will do our utmost to look after you when you are with us.